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The multi- talented Enrique Crespo was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He studied architecture and music there and in Buenos Aires, was solo trombonist in the symphony orchestra there, as well as arranger, jazz soloist and band leader.He was awarded a grant which took the spirited, thoroughbred musician to the college of music in Berlin in 1967. There he studied trombone and composition, in which he graduated with a music degree in 1969. In the same year he became solo trombonist with the Bamberg symphonic orchestra and moved on in 1980 to the same position in the radio symphony orchestra in Stuttgart.

During this time Enrique Crespo was principally occupied with his own compositions, which he personally presented. He cooperated intensively with the Bavarian broadcasting company, and set up a private recording and film studio from which numerous record, film and television productions emerged.
For one of his productions, and a consequent tour of France, he formed an ensemble in 1974 with some ex-fellow students from Berlin, all of them now soloists in leading orchestras in Germany, the DEUTSCHE BLECHBLĂ„SERQUINTETT.
In order to be able to arrange the music of Bach without compromise for the EMI CLASSICS production, “BACH 300”, he doubled the size of the quintet ten years later and gave it the new name GERMAN BRASS.

From the beginning he dedicated himself to jazz and folkore with the same passion and enthusiasm as to so-called serious music. Enrique Crespo's compositions are marked by this mixture of such diverse styles, and with his extensive knowledge of instruments he offers the brass players completely new scope. Their instruments, as a rule treated with some neglect by “classical” composers, are awarded the opportunity of entering into totally different dimensions of play.